Windows data types. Software (Beta)

The specified number of characters follow the length of the string.

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The following code is the type definition for an LStr string: Arrays of strings are usually the most convenient representation for lists. However, arrays of strings can place a burden on the memory manager because of the large number of dynamic objects it must manage.

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To make working with lists more efficient, LabVIEW supports the concatenated Pascal string CPStr data type, which is a list of Pascal-style strings concatenated into a single block of memory.

Using the CPStr data structureyou can use support manager routines to create and manipulate lists.

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The following code is the type definition for a CPStr string: LabVIEW has a separate data type for a path, represented as Path, which the file manager defines in a platform-independent manner. The actual data type for a path is private to the file manager and subject to change.

You can create and manipulate Path windows data types types using file. The memory-related data types have the following type definitions:

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