Single party schweinfurt 2019

single party schweinfurt 2019

Different people meet, supposedly randomly controlled by the universe.

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But we know that the universe connects exactly the people who are important for their current lives when the time comes. Now it is important for these people to recognize what chance for their future life and the history based on it lies in it.

Veranstaltungen Party & Club

It quickly became clear to all of us that we wanted to do something together within a social and environmental context. The questions that preoccupied us were: What can we do and what does it take?

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The Voice Aid idea was born out of these thoughts, based on the Band Aid project of the 80s, when Bob Geldof made nations sit up and take notice.

The focus is on a globally unique campaign on the subject of humanity and environmental protection, coupled with a great deal of education and foresight for the future.

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We want to form a strong common voice that is heard, that awakens, that inspires, excites and motivates. As a team we can achieve more attention and energy.

Der traditionelle Vogelschuss in Schweinfurt 2019

The goal is to build a global digital platform that influences and digitally connects, a community that works together for social causes. Sustainable products are offered and promoted via the Voice Aid Shop.

The task of the Voice Aid Association is to act worldwide regionally, but also supraregionally.

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  2. Прошу вас пройти со мной, - проговорил .

Through the use of modern digital single party schweinfurt 2019, such as livestreams, social media, etc. With concerts, fashion shows, events, vernissages, etc.

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Michael Huppertz meinbrandenburg. James Williams — Vice Chairman Internationally known musician, producer, singer, manager, his cult band - All That, they stand for the finest Black music. Regino Hawich — Vice Chairman Former partner and fashion choreographer of popstar-maker Detlef Soost and choreographer of Guido Maria Kretschmer at Fashion Week Berlin over several years The presenter and choreographer is an entertainment specialist, works as a coach and promotes new musical talents Nicole Nolden — Cashier She takes care of all financial matters of the association.

single party schweinfurt 2019

We want to speak with one voice that is heard everywhere and receives attention. Single party schweinfurt 2019 song "We are one" reflects that we are all equal, that we all live equally and that we all work together for the preservation of our planet. Regardless of our skin colour and origin, we stand together.

Singletanz - Singleparty - Tanz für Alleinstehende ab 30/40/50/60

Digital networking via Voice Aid Ambassadors and Faces. A worldwide community for the benefit of all.

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  • Voice Aid | For the sake of mankind and the planet.
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Voice Aid Association - for the sake of people and the planet Translated with www.

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