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Maybe allow for better options when developing profiles.

Singles aus Wolfenbüttel

I can only use it for minutes before it crashes. The app won't allow me to register or rather won't proceed with the registration process.

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Every time I try to log in it tells me that something has gone wrong and I should try again later. Please fix this tinder I like using your app and had no issues prior to its latest update but now bewegungsspiele im kindergarten zum kennenlernen keeps crashing and I have to use the website which isn't as convienent as the app.

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Hello GoldLife Tinder is just another dating app and it'd here to make money. Would be uninstalling this app really soon and must not recommend it to anyone.

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Everybody is having the same issue. Amazing concept highly disappointing.

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And you dont need to pay money to really use tinder dating app for pc as intended. I don't have a Facebook, so when Tinder dating app for dating wolfenbüttel signed in with my phone number, it keeps telling me "something went wrong".

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I love paying a subscription and getting ads whilst swiping. Then tinder prompts me to check off a list of things I promise not to do. Tinder may have been great back inbut it's a Trainwreck now.

dating wolfenbüttel

For others having this issue: open your web browser on your phone and go to tinder. I have not even dating wolfenbüttel to complete a profile yet. Tinder worked fine for two months before this started happening, again, the day of the last update.

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Every function works including notifications except when I want to view a persons profile before swiping, the app will automatically crash and close.

Everything is up to date and I have the latest Android so it's clearly a bug in the app.

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But wait, it gets better. The people on the app itself though in my area leave much to be desired if your looking dating wolfenbüttel more than a one night stand.


You have nowhere to submit a notification about something not working. And you dont need to pay money to really use it as intended.

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Still isn't giving me notifications. I have already uninstalled it three times with no improvement.

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